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Threshold Luxe 60 Bottom Outlet

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Bottom Outlet

Threshold Bottom Outlets can be used to connect the channel vertically to an outlet using an 80mm diameter pipe.

Threshold Channel:

The Threshold Luxe Drainage Channel from is a premium solution designed to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of drainage systems. With its sleek and modern design, this drainage channel not only provides excellent drainage performance but also adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space. The Threshold Luxe combines form and function seamlessly, ensuring efficient water drainage while elevating the overall look of the environment. It’s a durable and stylish choice for those seeking both practicality and visual appeal in their drainage solutions.

The Luxe is engineered with precision, featuring a width of 61mm and a depth of 100mm. Its compact yet capacious design maximizes storage capacity while ensuring efficient water drainage. Built to withstand up to an A15 loading, this channel prioritizes durability. It offers three distinct grating options: black aluminum, silver aluminum, and Corten Steel, each featuring four narrow slots arranged in a row. This unique combination of a longitudinal style and slotted grating greatly enhances surface water capture.

To extend your channel’s length and seamlessly connect multiple sections, our connectors are available for purchase separately, allowing you to create a continuous, effective drainage solution.

Ideal for:

  • Gardens & Patios
  • In front of doorways
  • Pool Areas
  • Terrace & Balconies

Additional information


(HDPE) High Density Polyethylene, Composite



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